Tesla S and Autopilot: the world with an open mouth

The lucky owners of a Tesla Model S car are finding themselves in recent weeks with a new feature on the car: the Autopilot. All over the world there is a flourishing of videos shot by enthusiasts and drivers who experience this wonder and look happy as children: "Look mum! No hands!" :) Here is a ...

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A drone dance in the forest

The "dance" of these drones in the woods is absolutely spectacular. They are practically indestructible thanks to the armor they find: of course, the expense is not worth the effort: the Swiss company that manufactures them,, wants € 18.000 for such an object, it does not seem exactly accessible. But how nice to see a couple flying! The...

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Muse, take a look at your brain

There are several wearable devices already designed to keep our vital parameters under control, from heartbeat to sleep tracks: a group of inventors is bringing to the market a user-friendly and wearable approach to brainwave monitoring. WholeXon is a Canadian company that works at full speed ...

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The world in slow motion

Remember Matrix, the Wachowski brothers' trilogy? The good hero, that Neo played by Keanu Reeves, was able to dodge the bullets by 'slowing down' the scene with his telekinesis-or-what-it-is powers, producing daring evolutions to the delight of the effects creators. specials and the public. Today an inventor has ...

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The Twitter suit shows messages in real time

Wearable technology has already made its appearance in the sports field (now bracelets and chest bands for monitoring data and performance are countless) and is now preparing to land in the world of high fashion: the model and pop singer Nicole Scherzinger wore a few days ago a ...

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