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Future notes

From blackwashing to rainbow washing: for companies, commitment or facade?

Global corporations ride social movements with cosmetic campaigns, only to then cut jobs linked to diversity. Rainbow washing is just the latest symptom.

Future notes

USA: “Drone hell” in the Taiwan Strait if China attacks

The US plans to send thousands of drones into the Taiwan Strait to create a "hellscape" in the event of a Chinese attack, according to Admiral Paparo.


Artificial intelligence

G7, Pope Francis' warning on AI: "a fascinating and terrible gift"

Pope Francis at the G7 warns about the risks of AI: without shared ethics and human control, it could lead to injustice and loss of dignity.

China challenges OpenAI with Kling, the impressive AI video model

Kuaishou launches Kling, an AI video model that accurately simulates real-world physics and offers advanced 3D face and body reconstructions.

Medical Research

“Map and Understand”: a high-tech pill explores the gut microbiome

After preclinical testing, the gut microbiome sampling pill is ready for human clinical trials.

gut microbiome pill

Why females live longer, Killifish has the answer

Removal of germ cells in killifish led to increased longevity in males and decreased longevity in females, suggesting a key role for hormones in aging.

Italy Next

Organizations and people who shape the future.

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Italy on the road, boom in tourists with international driving licences

Bye bye Covid, Italy shines again thanks to 4-wheel tourism. Car rental and international driving license: here's how to prepare.

near future

Near Future: Rethinking Education at MEET in Milan

In Milan the “Futuro Prossimo” festival rethinks the future of education between technology and innovation. 24-26 May 2024.