The scam of fake job adverts written by artificial intelligence

With the rise in popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI), scammers are already using this technology to write fake job adverts and try to scam unwary people looking for a new job position. The scam essentially involves using the AI to create credible job advertisements, but in reality there are no actual positions offered. With this method, scammers try to steal your personal data or convince you to make an advance payment for a position that in reality… Read more

Guide for digital nomads in Rome: Work, culture and life in the eternal city

Rome, the Eternal City, is a fascinating destination for anyone who wants to experience the perfect combination of history, culture and modern life. This guide is dedicated to digital nomads, those looking to balance working online with exploring a city steeped in tradition. We will explore how to become successful digital nomads in Rome, taking advantage of job opportunities and immersing ourselves in the cultural beauty of this thousand-year-old city. The magic of Rome for digital nomads Rome is a city where past… Read more