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urban yoga

Urban Yoga and Cross training: training trends in 2021

In recent years, some training trends have taken hold in Italy, bringing a breath of fresh air from abroad for those who want to undertake a training path to keep fit away from classic fitness programs. Yoga, an ancient Indian discipline already practiced in the beautiful country since the early 70s, is ...

5 drugs that will prolong your youth, and help you save a lot of money

We all love looking for new and different things. That is why the post about drugs and their use instead of cosmetics turned out to be so popular, thanks to the similar composition. Nobody doubts the effectiveness of specialized care products, but today we will talk about those products, which ...

person holding Sony PS3 controller in front of flat screen monitor

The world of entertainment in the next ten years: what are the main changes?

The technological one is probably one of the areas in which evolution seems to proceed more quickly, so much so that it is difficult to imagine what could be the news that will affect humanity in the not too near future. This happens a little for all fields: the environment, medicine, space exploration, entertainment; and...

person using laptop computer holding card

HIPAY and the new world of digital transactions

In a scenario increasingly distant from the card, digital payments are starting to need greater security and simplification of processes We are full of e-commerce and digital transactions, among other things not only supported but encouraged by the State with gamification operations ( introduce dynamics borrowed from the game in halls ...

person holding black iPhone displaying stock exchange

Some great wallets starting in 2020!

Are you familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies? Have you heard of the newest and trending cryptocurrencies? Bitcoin has been the digital currency that has been on the market for over a decade. There are many digital currencies that have been introduced, but bitcoin is considered to be the first modern digital currency. People who...


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