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Some great wallets starting in 2020!

Are you familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies? Have you heard of the newest and trending cryptocurrencies? Bitcoin has been the digital currency that has been on the market for over a decade. There are many digital currencies that have been introduced, but bitcoin is considered to be the first modern digital currency. People who...

woman holding two round gold-colored coins

Investing in Bitcoin - A Complete Guide to Teach Beginners!

Nowadays, the world is going digital and people all over the world are using the internet. Many companies are going online with the motive of making money. You can also consider investing in bitcoin to earn profits. Before starting, you should understand the basics of investing in bitcoin. You have to dedicate ...

vintage gray game console and joystick

The evolution of videogames, from the first consoles to today

New technologies are revolutionizing more and more sectors that affect our daily life. In many cases we are dealing with technological innovations, which often project us towards an increasingly engaging and participation-based future. We are not just talking about the realities that affect the world ...

The future belongs to online games: and the safest ones will go on

The future belongs to online games: and the safest ones will go on

Online casinos are one of the most thriving sectors on the internet. They generated revenues of up to $ 66,7 billion in 2020. And it's a race that continues, as they will reach a whopping 94,37 billion by 2025. The abundance of sites means it's easy for players to find a place to play. ....

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3 sectors that accept Blockchain technology

As we know, some governments are really against using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, but at the same time, most of the world's largest companies are moving towards digitization and blockchain technology. Most brands have accepted blockchain technology very willingly ...

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The 5 best cities to spend your Bitcoins in

Do you want to spend your bitcoins by shopping and traveling? Then you should know the cities where you can pay bitcoin bills for food, drink, shopping and more. There are some countries where bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is not even legal. At the same time, you can spend your holidays ...

Here's how AI has already revolutionized the online gaming industry

Here's how AI has already revolutionized the online gaming industry

Artificial intelligence already affects many parts of modern life. Simple formulas and complex artificial intelligence systems work without us even knowing. This is already the case with video games and has been for decades. Game developers have used forms of "artificial intelligence" in many ways since the advent of this ...


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