The Tulip, the spectacular “tulip” skyscraper in London

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The Tulip, a long glass flower in central London, moves between hopes and brakes towards a coveted construction. Not everyone likes it but it can change the face of the city.

Tourist attractions like The Tulip, a futuristic tower proposed in 2018 could be crucial in helping London recover from the blow of the pandemic.

The Tulip is a “belvedere” in the form of a skyscraper. A sort of 305 meter high flower, made of glass and concrete, from which to enjoy a breathtaking view of London. Between feasibility studies, approvals and setbacks, enthusiasm and criticism it proceeds (hopefully) towards construction.

Enthusiasts say the tourist attraction designed by Foster + Partners would help London reposition itself after the coronavirus pandemic.

Criticism centers on the fact that The Tulip could deface the historic view of the Tower of London.

City approved, opposed by the mayor

The Tulip London
New images showing the attraction's interior were revealed today by the studio.

The Tulip has a beautiful and troubled history. Foster + Partners first formalized the tower proposal in 2018. It was approved in 2019 by the City of London, who said The Tulip had “the potential to become an architectural icon”.

During the same year, however, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan he rejected the proposal because he said it would provide “very limited public benefit” to the City of London.

The Tulip London
The park at the base of The Tulip

In January 2020, Foster + Partners then appealed against the decision, and now the final decision from the government is awaited.

The Tulip, His Highness the fun

If built, the concrete viewing tower will be surrounded by a range of attractions, while inside there will be educational facilities, sky boxes, restaurants and cafes.

The Tulip London
A breathtaking view from inside The Tulip

An "inevitably controversial" work, to use his own words Norman Foster, founder of Foster + Partners.

But he also added, and how could he blame him, that he believes that The Tulip could become "a global symbol of London".

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