Google aims for 100% renewable energy

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#Google has a big goal for 2017: all the energy used for its operations around the world, from offices to data centers, will come solely from renewable sources. A 100% "green" Google, therefore. The company announced that the goal will be reached next year: "The fight against climate change is an increasingly urgent global priority." Google was one of the first companies to create, on a large scale, long-term contracts for the purchase of renewable energy, as Urs explains… Read more

Smartphones: how to ethically exploit the latest technologies?

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New technologies continue to evolve, which allows for great progress, but also involves the production of new devices with components derived from non-renewable resources. Do you want to take advantage of the latest features offered by the latest generation smartphones, but at the same time make an ethical purchase that respects your values? We have the solution! Refurbished smartphones: a solution that seduces many consumers To ethically exploit the latest smartphones, it is possible to turn to a company that offers refurbished devices. The principle… Read more