Galileo Hymer, a look at the future of cars

Gianluca Riccio


Hymer shows us the future of cars: mobile leisure rooms for traveling

I've said it over and over again, autonomous driving seems to have taken the definitive path of the future, and the world is full of hypotheses.

The Erwin Hymer Group, a leading German company in the home on wheels industry, developed Galileo. It is a concept that aims to understand how the future of cars will develop with the autonomous driving revolution, when steering and other human interfaces will be superfluous.

An apartment on the highway

Hymer imagines Galileo as a modular vehicle. A flat chassis incorporates the electric locomotion system and the various bodies are gradually installed on this platform. Space for extensive customization inside too, just like for the apartments.

Future of cars

Another advantage of autonomous driving is the farewell to the concept of the "dashboard" as the focal center of the driver's attention. In truth, the driver will no longer be there.

Much more internal space with the same volume, therefore. Space to live to organize not just a move, but your own free time.

Hymer's video shows a test itinerary right from the moment of departure. The passengers, sorry, the occupants, enter their passage "annex" and remain there until arrival.

Galileo provides us with an important clue: business itself will also change. If I don't own a mobile apartment, I will be able to rent it. A bit like getting a hotel room, with the difference that the room moves with me to the destination. The trip itself may include, for example, 4 nights in a hotel, 2 of which will be on the road.

A family of 3 people will have 3 sofa beds, an entertainment area, a minibar or other services at their disposal. Upon arrival, you can remove the cabin from the base and install another one suitable, for example, for a couple on their honeymoon, with Jacuzzi and large screen.

Future of cars

Hymer is not the only company to speculate on these scenarios: I also told you about it here (with an interesting addition to the concept of “mobile hotel”).

Suzuki also debuts at the next Motor Show with the concept of a "cottage" on wheels. The future of cars is full of real estate becoming mobile.