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Gianluca Riccio

Gianluca Riccio, born in 1975, is responsible for the web and new media area of ​​an advertising agency. He is part of the Network of Italian Transhumanists with others and has always been passionate about holy oppositions (past / future, technology / spirit). Since 2006 he has directed, the Italian resource of Futurology.
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Antonio De Palma

Antonio De Palma lives in Naples. Graduated in Modern Literature at the “Federico II” University, in 2010 he founded, an online literature newspaper that he still coordinates. He deals with marketing and the linguistic aspects of the internet.
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Fabio 'Estropico' Albertario

he has been interested in longevism since the late 80s, and in nanotechnology and transhumanism since reading Creation engines and came across the concept of extropy, in the early 90s. Since 2001 he has managed Extropic, a huge collection of material "dedicated to the impact of advanced technologies on the human condition, the next meeting and fusion of biological and non-biological intelligence, our potential posthuman future and the strategies to get there". Fabio is one of the founders of Network of Italian Transhumanists.
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Giulio Matteucci

Giulio Matteucci studies Physics at the University of Turin: he is a great lover of Neuroscience and Biology. Contributes to Extropic Blog and manages the scientific dissemination blog SF - Frontier Science.
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Ugo Breaks

IT journalist and expert in emerging technologies as well as author of Collaborate with Extropic Blog and has obtained publications in large-circulation generalist paper magazines.
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