Are we in a 'cannibalistic universe' that expands by eating others?

Gianluca Riccio


New controversial hypothesis on the expansion of the cosmos: our universe would grow by "eating" parallel universes: no dark energy

Forget dark energy: a new theory, as fascinating as it is controversial, shakes the foundations of modern cosmology. Our universe, in an eternal struggle for survival, could expand by incorporating smaller parallel universes, like a predator devouring its prey.

Forget abstract equations and imagine a pulsating cosmos, a greedy giant that swallows up alternative realities, assimilating their energy and matter to fuel its own boundless growth. An idea that challenges our certainties and leads us to explore unexplored territory, where physics is tinged with mystery and science fiction.

Cannibal universe theory: an alternative to dark energy

For decades, scientists have tried to explain the accelerated expansion of the universe with an invisible and mysterious entity: dark energy, which makes up about 70% of the universe, and yet has never been directly observed. Its existence is postulated only to justify the incredible speed with which galaxies are moving away from each other.

What if the answer was simpler and more shocking at the same time? What if there was no need for an invisible entity to explain the expansion? What if our universe was actually a cosmic “cannibal,” feeding on parallel universes to fuel its growth?


A journey to the frontiers of knowledge

The theory, proposed by a team (led by the physicist Jan Ambjørn) of the University of Copenhagen and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, opens up fascinating and disturbing scenarios at the same time. He leads us to question the nature of the multiverse, the possibility of multiple realities and the infinite complexity of the cosmos. If you want to delve deeper, You find it here.

Of course, it is still a hypothesis, a mathematical model that requires concrete evidence to be confirmed. But its beauty and audacity invite us to explore new paths of knowledge, to push ourselves beyond the boundaries of the known and to immerse ourselves in a mystery that, perhaps, one day will reveal the deepest secrets of our universe.