Swapery, self-replaceable battery for smartphones charged in 7 seconds

Gianluca Riccio

Energy, Technology

Swapery introduces a 7-second self-replaceable smartphone battery system, promising a full day of battery life.

Racing for the nearest outlet could become a thing of the past with the introduction of Swapery. Things? It is the first completely self-replaceable smartphone battery system, which promises to keep devices always charged with a simple gesture.

The world is increasingly dynamic. The stimuli are increasingly tight. The habit of always being on social media (even too much) clashes with the limited battery life of our devices. In this framework, transfer the concept of "swap battery" by car e motorcycle to smartphones could significantly change our approach to energy for our mobile devices.

Self-replaceable battery

Energy in motion

Swapery's newly introduced self-replaceable battery system at CES2024 it is designed to be not only efficient but also incredibly fast, with a smartphone that can “recharge” in just 7 seconds.

The very light battery pack makes it easy to carry with you at all times, and the ability to provide 8 to 10 hours of additional energy has a significant impact. To say: whether it's a long business trip or a busy day of appointments, the support of a device becomes constant and hassle-free.

Self-replaceable battery: goodbye cables and waiting

Swapery not only eliminates the reliance on cables, adapters or charging points, but simplifies the charging process into a single step. Ease of use is combined with advanced technology that makes the self-replacement process completely automated and independent of human intervention.

The company aims to be available for retail in the second quarter of 2024 and aspires to be compatible with most smartphone models out there. An (ambitious, for me) goal that would not only broaden the market potential of this solution, but would make it accessible to millions of smartphone users.

In short (Italian only)

Swapery's promise is to offer an energy solution that aims for personal autonomy and freedom from the constraints of rapidly depleting batteries.

With one eye on the present and one on the future, the self-replaceable battery could become a small catalyst for change in the mobile technology sector, perhaps slowing the already slow decline of this tool, which seems to have reached its plateau.