RollAway, the luxury suite on wheels drives travel lovers crazy

Gianluca Riccio

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A startup presents luxury suites on wheels with 5-star hotel amenities, offering an unparalleled travel experience.

Goodbye to the usual holidays: RollAway is redefining the concept of travel with its suites on wheels. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and luxurious comforts, RollAway suites offer an experience that aims to change standards: a journey is no longer just a destination, but a journey of rest.

This solution, in fact, anticipates a future in which autonomous vehicles will give us more time even during journeys from one place to another. Let's see together how.

Suite on wheels
A RollAway in action.

Travel meets luxury and sustainability

The idea behind RollAway, a Silicon Valley startup, is simple but revolutionary: to provide travelers with the comfort of a five-star hotel, with the flexibility of an Airbnb, with the equivalent of a five-star camper condensed into one vehicle electric with zero emissions. And it seems little to you.

The experience in a RollAway begins from the moment you enter the suite on wheels. Designed for two people, these “mobile places” offer a cozy living area with a dining area, a bedroom with a queen size bed and a private bathroom equipped with all modern conveniences. More: there is also more.

A glance of the central part…
Suite on wheels
And a side view (on the left you can see the large glass opening).

A high-tech suite dedicated to comfort

Each RollAway suite is equipped with the latest technology to ensure an unparalleled stay experience. From Starlink connectivity for uninterrupted internet access to the 24/7 virtual concierge, every detail has been designed to provide comfort and convenience.

And there is no shortage of innovative solutions: instead of the "old" mini bar there are entire ready-made (and organic) lunches, or predefined itineraries for those looking for inspiration on their journey and want to let themselves be carried away.

Another glimpse, this time of the "kitchen" side.

Other data between design and functions

The suites are built on electric van platforms with an estimated range of 400 kilometers (250 miles) and support for fast charging. The entrance, through the rear door, is transformed into a "patio" which always keeps the vehicle in contact with the surrounding environment, creating a good harmony between inside and outside.

Mobile suite, what's next

RollAway is already looking to the future, with expansion plans in the San Francisco Bay Area scheduled for April 2024. With a starting cost of around 680 euros ($749) for two nights, the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience is not then so out of reach. In a single price you find food, accommodation and travel: and the weekend is served.

No wonder that the crowdfunding campaign launched by the startup is doing quite well. RollAway is not just an alternative to traditional hotels or Airbnbs: it is a new chapter in the world of travel, a combination of luxury, sustainability and technology.

It is the introduction of the concept of travel as an integrated experience, where the journey is as important as the destination.

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