The shocking predictions of the US presidential candidate: "too late for the climate, let's take refuge on the heights"

Andrew Yang says it bluntly. His shock predictions say it is too late to reverse the catastrophic effects of climate change.

The shock predictions of the independent US presidential candidate are controversial, but there is a bit of logic.

Andrew Yang, an independent US presidential candidate with a technological vocation, advises to throw in the towel against climate change. His shock predictions suggest starting to adapt by moving to higher places.

Yang, speaking at a debate by the American Democratic Party, says in no uncertain terms that it is too late to prevent and reverse the catastrophic effects of climate change. Much better to leave in good time the areas of the world that will soon be flooded by the effect of rising sea levels.

It sounds quite bizarre as an idea - to contrast something by running away - but it is also the result of the fact that drastic changes of our planet are already underway, and will be increasingly tangible.

Curious is the combination of Yang's weather forecast with his proposal to give Americans $ 1000 a month of unconditional income.

"It's too late. It's been too late for 10 years, " Yang repeated several times during the debate. "We have to do everything in our power to bring the climate back in the right direction but in the meantime we have to move the population to the inner and most elevated areas of the planet."

In other words, Yang's vision seems to be to provide people with a series of "economic resources" to ensure that they protect themselves from the effects of climate disaster. Possibly using that money to emigrate to mountain areas that do not run the risk of ending up under water.

I wouldn't have much more to add, except that I have rarely encountered such a balanced mix of lucidity and madness, wisdom and naivety.

After all, Yang's shock predictions may seem like madness. They probably are.

Nevertheless, I cannot give him the palm of the craziest if I think that others more "balanced" than him have contributed to the situation in which we live.