Off-grid travel? Jackery's solar powered rooftop tent solution

Gianluca Riccio

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Jackery launches innovative rooftop tent with 1000W solar panels for off-grid travel, in production in 2024

Jackery wants to redefine the concept of off-grid living with a mix of sustainable energy and outdoor adventure: a rooftop tent that transforms into a solar generator. Presented at CES2024 this year, this tent equipped with retractable solar panels capable of producing 1000W is set for production in the second half of 2024.

Roof tent, or rather sustainable innovation for adventure

The idea behind the product goes beyond simple camping. Positioned on the roof of a pick-up truck, the tent unfolds to reveal a sizable array of retractable solar panels designed to generate up to 4.96kWh per day. While details on wind resistance are still awaiting confirmation, the energy capture capability is already quite interesting.

Rooftop tents with solar panels are nothing new, but the approach of Jackery stands out significantly. Traditional systems often rely on lightweight, flexible panels that do not fully utilize available surface area, resulting in suboptimal energy conversion. This project (as others from this company) innovates by covering the entire roof with solar cells and extending them outwards, thus ensuring maximum energy generation and neatly integrating the wiring.

Roof tent
The system with the solar panel array closed on itself.

Not just energy: comfort and flexibility

In addition to power generation, the tent has other notable features. It features a memory foam mattress, an insulation system, adjustable and controllable lighting, waterproof fabric with blackout windows and other bells and whistles.

Some images of Jackery's new solution for camping.

While waiting for further details and the final launch (scheduled for September 2024), this tent shows a "muscular" trend in the search for increasingly resilient solutions on an energy level.

Outdoor adventures will increasingly resemble comfortable AirBnb experiences than adventurous explorations. Nature and technology for conscious tourism.

Roof tent