Caracat: part caravan, part electric boat

Gianluca Riccio


Caracat is an earthquake on the ground, a tornado in the water, or none of this but a great vehicle that goes from caravan to electric boat like nothing happened.

You may have never heard of Caracat before. Maybe you can't pronounce it because your palate sticks to it (only happens to me?). But I believe that after this article you will remember.

Let's take a step back now to ask ourselves the right question: what the hell is Caracat? Is it a houseboat? An electric boat? A caravan? Or a goddamn tongue twister?

Answer: Caracat is a German company that launched a vehicle under its own name. Is called Caracat 860, and it's a caravan that acts as a floating electric house / boat (and vice versa).

Caracat caravan and electric boat

Electric boat or caravan? She does everything (beautiful beautiful)

In a nutshell: the vehicle presented by Caracat in collaboration with Schneider Caravaning allows you to camp both on land and in the water. It is available in three different sizes: 6,6 meters, 7,6 meters and 8,6 meters.

On land, the caravan does its classic job: like a good trailer, it needs to be towed by a truck. From the moment it touches the surface of the water, however, Caracat transforms into a boat powered by an 8 (or 15) horsepower Torqeedo electric (or petrol) engine.

Like a transformer, but for vacationing

The essence of the "transformation" of this vehicle is in its design patented. Includes two extendable pontoons that swing when in the water and retract back on the highway, as seen in the photos.

Thanks to this "ace in the hole" Caracat changes its width from 2,4 meters (8 feet) to 3,6 meters (12 feet), acquiring the stability necessary to float and navigate as an electric boat on water.

At just 8,5 meters long (just over 28 feet) this amphibious vehicle can accommodate a family of six inside complete with a retractable roof-mounted tent-room.

Electric boat

Little big luxury

Equipped with a cabin with teak floor, the "marinara" caravan also has two elegant lounge sofas that transform into sleeping areas.

And that's just the beginning: nothing is missing from this trinket, from top to bottom. Consider that it has a bathroom, a diesel/electric hob, a microwave oven, a fridge, a sink, a wine cellar, a retractable LED smart TV and a Bluetooth audio system.

If you want to stay off-grid, all of these (safe?) Features are powered by the solar panels on the roof.

Would love it a lot to dear Fabio Antichi. What about you?

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