Print a house in less than a day.

Uno dei campi più promettenti delle tecnologie prossime future è quello della stampa in 3D. Ne abbiamo parlato in questo recente articolo con riferimento al cibo, ed ora abbiamo occasione di ammirare stampanti 3D lunghe un metro e mezzo, in grado di tirare fuori una casa di 700 metri quadri in 20 ore. Lo speciale ... Read more

Gianluca Riccio

One of the most promising fields of the near future technologies is that of 3D printing.

We talked in this recent article with reference to food, and now we have the opportunity to admire 3D printers one and a half meters long, capable of pulling out a 700 square meter house in 20 hours.

The special construction process called CAD/CAM includes computer assistance for both the design and manufacturing parts. Entire housing units will be designed and sent to print as we do today for a written document, and the drawings will become physical objects almost automatically.

The size of the printers, constantly increasing, allows to build walls by depositing the cement layer by layer.

Here is a video showing how the machine works.

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