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Subcutaneous microchips arrive

Once people joked about the presence of subcutaneous microchips implanted by the state without the knowledge of citizens, but today all this (or almost) could become reality. Soon technical prostheses could be more performing than ...

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AI2 will predict cyber attacks

Against modern cybercrimes, modern artificial super intelligences are needed to fight them. And that's exactly what AI2, a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, aims to do against cybercrime. Developed by ...

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Google Glass to cure Autism

Autism Glass Project is a laboratory of the School of Medicine: in a small office of the administrative building, researchers Catalin Voss and Nick Haber are putting together facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence ...

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6 bets for the future

The list of technologies under study is very long and is constantly updated: one of the latest lists of future developments that could change the world forever comes from the Institute ...

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