Artificial intelligence and videogaming

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When, decades ago, the greatest exponents of science fiction began to write about artificial intelligence, they certainly did not imagine a scenario like today's. In fact, for the various Asimovs, Dicks and Bradburys, artificial intelligence was a theme linked mainly to machines capable of evolving and opposing their human creators, introducing themes which were also variously taken up in cinematographic works such as Blade Runner, Terminator and 2001 A World Odyssey. Space. It is probably from this vision that today's double vision derives... Read more

All about the latest technological innovations: artificial intelligence, streaming and the Internet of Things

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One of the most interesting aspects of technological innovation is the speed with which the most "futuristic" innovations enter the daily lives of all of us: after a research phase and the launch on the market, in fact, their adoption by users occurs in an increasingly simpler and quicker way. There are more and more devices and technologies that allow you to carry out the most disparate activities in an optimized and, undoubtedly, more "attractive" way: in this article they are ... Read more