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Elon Musk takes us all to Mars

The famous South African entrepreneur #Elon Musk (naturalized from the United States), has the dream of bringing humanity to #Marte, and more generally to space travel open to all. In its past, it has created a ...

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Samsung plans to scan the iris

The highly anticipated #Samsung Galaxy Note7 shows itself to the world. This is the first smartphone with an iris scanner, as has now been revealed by DJ Koh, president of Samsung's mobile division. It seems that the goal of ...

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R1, the first home robot

Everyone talks about nothing but # R1, the first robot "for families" produced by the Italian Institute of Technology (Iit) in Genoa. The "father" of R1, Giorgio Metta, is convinced of the great potential of his ...

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Delay for nuclear fusion

Five years of delay to complete the Iter experimental reactor were announced today. It is a huge machine designed to demonstrate the feasibility of nuclear fusion. But it can't be completed sooner ...

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