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The next electric car revolution will be as fast as the time it takes to recharge the batteries of vehicles that are about to invade the world. Filling up with petrol takes no more than two or three minutes, while at present it takes several hours to complete ...

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Okay, maybe it won't be a full-blown condom, but the concept comes very close to it: NASA has awarded Cessna a brand new contract to work on a sort of 'protective skin' for airplanes, which allows aircraft to to repair damage 'by yourself' ....

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Magnetic levitation will be one of the cornerstones in world transport in the near future: just take a look at concepts like these to easily realize it. It is a system that eliminates friction between parts, reaches speeds that are unthinkable for current systems and can decisively shorten distances, ...

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GPT Chat Megaeasy!

Concrete guide for those approaching this artificial intelligence tool, also designed for the school world: many examples of applications, usage indications and ready-to-use instructions for training and interrogating Chat GPT.

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