Goodbye puncture? At least for bikes!

For years and periodically tubeless tires have been proposed for all vehicles: their adoption is struggling to reach its fulfillment (perhaps for the interests of manufacturers to have more wear on this product to favor faster replacement: thinking badly makes you sin, ...

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Technical tests of man-car interface

Takeshi Shirasaka of Alps Electric showed the latest developments in the studies his company is doing with the goal (sic.) Of "changing the human-car interface within 5-6 years". It is a system that makes extensive use of infrared (a 'sphere' positioned in the area adjacent to the positioning brake is ...

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ET3, flying over land: speed at the tube.

A consortium of companies seeking to pool funds and ideas to achieve the final development of the project recently presented this invention at the annual innovation award of the Da Vinci Institute. Transport through ET3, in the intentions of the developers, will be clean, fast, comfortable and accessible to all. About what...

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Speed ​​Cameras? A joke: CORDON arrives

Your glory days are gone: you will no longer be able to roam happily on the highway in spite of the poor speed camera on duty: an American company, Peak Gayn Sistems, has developed a special photographic radar capable of displaying and identifying up to 32 vehicles different in one go, analyzing ...

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Cessna develops an aircraft condom

Okay, maybe it won't be a full-blown condom, but the concept comes very close to it: NASA has awarded Cessna a brand new contract to work on a sort of 'protective skin' for airplanes, which allows aircraft to to repair damage 'by yourself' ....

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Maglev, train of the future

Magnetic levitation will be one of the cornerstones in world transport in the near future: just take a look at concepts like these to easily realize it. It is a system that eliminates friction between parts, reaches speeds that are unthinkable for current systems and can decisively shorten distances, ...

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