The hummingbird-spy of DARPA

At first glance (and perhaps not too close) it may seem like a real hummingbird, but it is the new spybot made by DARPA: this flying robot is equipped with a video camera capable of transmitting images from a distance. The dimensions are still excessive (but I am very demanding): 16 cm ...

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Muse, take a look at your brain

There are several wearable devices already designed to keep our vital parameters under control, from heartbeat to sleep tracks: a group of inventors is bringing to the market a user-friendly and wearable approach to brainwave monitoring. WholeXon is a Canadian company that works at full speed ...

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Gesture 3D: here's how interaction with devices will change


Since the entry of the Kinect system in the videogame panorama, the idea of ​​'understanding each other through gestures' with an electronic device has taken hold in the market and in the collective imagination. Without a keyboard, without direct contact between the hands and a computer, a mobile phone, an appliance, we will be free to integrate the presence of technology in the ...

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Hitachi develops crystal storage media

Chopin and the Beatles teach us that things like good music can last a very long time: from tomorrow they could be preserved forever thanks to more stable and lasting memories. Since the advent of the information age, the most pressing problem of industry (and people) has been to protect a large ...

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Make way for the Magic Finger

From the advent of touch screens onwards it has been a flourishing of mobile devices and tablets: the way we interact with these gadgets has changed at an impressive speed. Today some may mistakenly imagine that the 'finger-on-screen' scheme is the one on which the fortune of future technologies will be built, ...

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Arduino wirelessly? Yes it can. That's how.

Arduino is an opensource framework that allows rapid prototyping and quick learning of the fundamental principles of electronics and programming. It consists of a hardware platform for physical computing developed at the Interaction Design Institute, an institute based in Ivrea, founded by Olivetti and Telecom Italia. The name of the ...

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