Ok to the first private travels in space

It is the dream of every #transport company: to start the first private #travels in #space. The future has now arrived, and even private citizens have every right to take a trip to the moon. The decision of the American government to authorize the Moon Express, founded by the Indian tycoon Naveen Jain, ...

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1000 new exoplanets discovered

Yesterday the number of "alien worlds" that have been discovered by man increased exponentially. There is talk of a thousand new exoplanets. The NASA "Kepler" satellite, in fact, after various problems due to a gyroscope failure, broke a record. A great achievement for science and astronomy: they have been discovered ...

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Here are the three Earth-like planets

Latest news from space: three 'twin' (or almost similar) planets of Earth have just been identified, potentially capable of hosting life. These are planets that revolve around a dwarf star colder than the Sun, called Trappist-1, which is only 40 light years away from us, in the constellation ...

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SpaceX, on Mars in 2018

Elon Musk is serious, and promises to bring people to Mars by 2018. Very little, if we think that there are less than two years to go. Elon Musk, after creating the space travel company SpaceX, once declared that he wanted to die on Mars: his dream is about to become ...

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Stephen Hawking to discover space

Stephen Hawking doesn't stop, and teams up with investors and wealthy patrons to discover space. The aim is to find life forms, and to reach Alpha Centauri in a few years. Hawking has joined the venture with Russian billionaire and philanthropist Yuri Milner and ...

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The largest giant black hole in the sun

In science fiction films, a black hole is never missing, a singularity, something that can solve the plot, perhaps making our heroes go back in time. But black holes really do exist, and just yesterday a gigantic, frightening one was discovered: 17 billion times ...

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Amazon will make us travel into space in 2018

Amazon plans to change our lives, and not just when it comes to purchasing products online. No, Jeff Bezos really wants to take us into space, as tourists, and he promises to do so within two years only. Science fiction or very close reality? It seems that Bezos will start testing flights in the ...

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Everything is ready for India on Mars

The ISRO Mars Orbiter

A few hours before the departure of the first, historic interplanetary mission of India. After a short delay due to small component problems, the journey to Mars of the vehicle developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will be a reality. It's just the beginning, they let New Delhi know: with the enthusiasm typical of a growing nation ...

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ATLAST, Hubble 3.0 will put its nose everywhere

ATLAST (The Advanced Technology Large-Aperture Space Telescope) is the acronym that distinguishes the project of the next Hubble Space Telescope: a gem capable of studying and mapping the atmosphere and surface of habitable exoplanets within a radius of 200 light years. The ability to capture light in all its spectrum and ...

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