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Found an insulin substitute that can be taken orally.

The WHO estimates the number of diabetics in the world to be approximately 285 million (data from last year): this is almost 6% of the adult population. This translates (for type 1 diabetics and for 27% of type 2 diabetics) into the obligation to take daily insulin injections, ...

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Tested a vaccine against synthetic drugs

When you hear about "Ice", "Shaboo" or "Crystal Meth" know that these are some of the most popular synthetic drugs in the world, as well as the most dangerous. These are all active ingredients deriving from methamphetamine, a sympathomimetic that literally bombards the brain with dopamine. According to the Office of ...

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DARPin E2-79, is the beginning of the end for allergies

How stupid are allergies. Stupids. Our immune system becomes hysterical in reacting to external impulses and does so for no reason: an 'excess of defense' which in the most serious cases can even lead to death. The so-called 'vaccines' currently on the market are just desensitizing treatments that act ...

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Tefina, Viagra Spray is here for you

Space research has often encountered quite serious problems when trying to reproduce the same conditions on Earth in zero gravity. One of the most insurmountable difficulties was that linked to 'space sex'. There is a whole series of cases on the subject: the results are not satisfactory. Take a look at our ...

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Jasper walks again thanks to the stem

It's a good day if only for the dogs: Jasper, a little dachshund paralyzed by an accident, responded magnificently to a 6-month treatment based on stem cells: the results are not far from what a little. long ago could be described ...

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The mad rush of miniaturized health

The efforts that technology has put in place to improve our health conditions and our life expectancy seem to be preparing for the big leap, causing a substantial transformation in the way we treat ourselves and stay healthy for a long time. Here are what changes should be prepared for, and if ...

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You move on to artificial blood

Artificial blood could soon become a reality thanks to the first successful human transfusion. Dr. Luc Douay of the Parisian University 'Pierre et Marie Curie' extracted stem cells from bone marrow and 'encouraged' them to grow and transform into blood cells by administering a cocktail of factors ...

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