Dear CERN, your accelerator is out of date

A team of researchers has developed the first prototype of a miniature particle accelerator, which uses terahertz waves instead of radio frequencies. A single throttle module is just 1 XNUMX/XNUMX centimeters large, and XNUMX millimeter thin. Terahertz technology could allow the miniaturization of the whole apparatus: this is the goal ...

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Within three years wireless electricity on the market

That immense, gigantic genius who was Nikola Tesla built a tower, the Wardenclyffe Tower, in the middle of Long Island: an installation, he said, capable of transmitting electricity without the need for wires. The project (with a mysterious fire attached) was shipwrecked among a thousand mysteries despite Tesla having already transmitted energy in other experiments ...

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Saphon patents a wind turbine without blades

A Tunisian startup, Saphon Energy, has created a new model of a wind turbine without blades. It is inspired by the design and structure of sailboats and converts wind energy into electricity at double the efficiency and half the cost. This is the second prototype developed by the company: ...

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The greenest fuel there is? Made with air and water.

The AFS (Engineers at Air Fuel Synthesis) based in the north of England claims to have produced 5 liters of synthetic oil within 3 months. It's a little bit, you might say. And give me some respite. The technique consists in extracting carbon dioxide from the air and hydrogen from the water, then combining them in a reactor ...

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Sodium ion batteries, studies continue with a sweet discovery.

Lithium, the main element in the composition of the batteries that power our devices (and also in the war against bipolar personality disorder) is not omnipresent on Earth: several countries are forced to import it from abroad, and this shortage leads to significant changes in the prices of technological apparatuses: on its scarce future the ...

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Within 10 years, solar panels in orbit and clean energy on Earth.

Already heard and does it sound like science fiction? According to the results of a 3-year study with 10 involved nations conducted by the International Academy of Astronautics, it could be a reality within 10 years. The biggest drawback of solar energy today is that it doesn't work in the evening or when the sky is cloudy: in the ...

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