Here's how 3D printing will revolutionize the concept of cars


In just a few years, 3D printing has leapt beyond its embryonic phase and has already begun to move rapidly in three distinct directions: the development of mass production systems (many goods), the development of mass production systems (many users, for home printing) and the specialization of production systems (specific printers for specific products, such as those in the construction field capable of constructing a building in a short time). It goes without saying that the most promising field of application for… Read more

3D printing of human organs and tissues is reality

We have all asked ourselves at least once: but what is 3D printing for? To many things, including the faithful reproduction of human organs and tissues. Will organ donation become a distant memory? Reading the latest news, it seems so. The news was broken by the team at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, whose researchers have found a way to print "living" tissues and organs that can function properly when implanted in the body of ... Read more