Energy Smart System, that is: to save on your bill you need an energetic brain



Il cervello è fondamentale per governare il corpo umano, poiché è responsabile della regolazione di tutte le funzioni vitali e del controllo dei movimenti. Potremmo fare senza? La domanda è retorica. E lo è anche se applichiamo lo stesso schema all’energia, specie in un periodo nel quale gli aspetti legati ai consumi sono cruciali. Per governare le prestazioni energetiche e il consumo energetico è diventata fondamentale la presenza di un Energy Smart System. La mente dell’energia Se dovessi spiegare in ... Leggi tutto

The brain is essential for governing the human body, as it is responsible for regulating all vital functions and controlling movement. Could we do without? The question is rhetorical. And it is even if we apply the same scheme to energy, especially in a period in which aspects linked to consumption are crucial.

The presence of an Energy Smart System has become essential to govern energy performance and energy consumption.

The mind of energy

If I had to explain in two words what an intelligent energy management system is, I would tell you that it is a "big brain" that governs the use of electricity, gas and water in the home, monitoring consumption, analyzing data and providing solutions to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency. A decisive hand for the optimal functioning of buildings, and to avoid future problems: because the key to really saving a lot lies in knowing real consumption and its distribution throughout the day.

Come scegliere quello justo

There are some important things to consider on the topic of energy management. Ease of use, compatibility, price, all parameters not to be overlooked.

First of all, however, functionality. An Energy Smart System must "match" well with the needs of those who use it: some systems give the possibility of monitoring consumption in real time, others include automation functions to turn appliances on and off. Still others, such as Energy Smart System by Wait for me they have both functions, and beyond.

An image taken from an Aspechome campaign.

Aspechome Energy Smart System

Private individuals, companies and commercial activities are always looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency: they install solar panels, they try to use household appliances only at night, they try everything. Legs that move without a mind, to return to the previous example. The most important step in the right direction is to know our real consumption, and above all how it is distributed over the course of a day.

Systems like Aspechome's do just this: they record, control, analyze and manage consumption. And obviously they allow you to adopt all the necessary countermeasures: through the inevitable companion app it is in fact possible with extreme ease and without IT skills to access all the household appliances even remotely, and plan or implement switching on, off and other activities.

Aspechome is an innovative and versatile system that combines the flexibility of Wi-Fi connectivity with the stability of a dedicated subnet. This makes it ideal for existing buildings, as it provides greater reliability, functionality and security than systems that connect directly to home Wi-Fi. With its web app in the cloud, you always have a real-time connection with the managed and controlled buildings, and it is also constantly updated with new features and applications. It is ready for photovoltaic management and control, regardless of the brand and model used, both with and without a battery.

It can be purchased at a reasonable price (considering the savings it will produce), a trusted installer or an Aspechome partner will fix it in no time, and it immediately revolutionizes consumption. An Energy smart system is the first small investment to make for efficiency in the home, accommodation, office, shop, small business, schools, banks, public buildings, small and medium-sized municipalities, for single but also centralized management of multiple environments. If I had a magic wand I would make it appear everywhere: not having this power (nor the money to put it anywhere) I recommend everyone buy it.

The future of energy saving

The energy "legs" that we will have at our disposal in the coming years will be many, and they will go quickly. Renewable energy and artificial intelligence will be two cornerstones that will literally revolutionize the use of all the devices around us (and there will be more and more of them: outside our body, on our body, maybe even inside).

We will make many progress, especially in the field of interconnection of energy systems: buildings and supply hubs will contribute together to the production and supply of energy for people, vehicles and activities. Increasingly effective energy storage systems will dramatically increase the efficiency of micro-grids and energy communities, which will increasingly arise both in urban areas and far from large cities.

They will help us to be more independent, and also resistant in the event of natural disasters or extreme climatic events (such as those that, alas, are expected).

However, everything cannot be separated from the "brain". Energy investments at a national and global level will be echoed by the individual choices of each of us: an Energy Smart System, today and tomorrow, will manage all of this.

In short (Italian only)

Today for personal savings, tomorrow for global efficiency: Aspechome and "colleagues" will develop increasingly discreet energy management systems connected to our daily lives, to the point of making our environments parts of a single "living energy organism" ” capable of self-adjusting in real time.

In the meantime, knowing your energy consumption and how it is distributed throughout the day is essential for making informed decisions and increasing energy efficiency. 

It is important to continue investing in new technologies and solutions to ensure a sustainable energy future and reduce environmental impact, and today the investment in an Energy Smart System is the smartest of all.