Digital nomads, a new law in Spain changes the rules of the game

Gianluca Riccio


Spain leads the way in Europe with a really interesting law for digital nomads. I expect a lot of movement there.

Almost a year and a half of waiting, and it's finally here. The green light to the new law on digital nomads is the authorization for an epochal change.

From now on, if you are considering living and working in Spain, know that there will be tax and other benefits for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and remote workers.

When will it take effect?

The process has now begun, and for many reasons (not least the new tax law) everything suggests that the law will be ratified in the next few weeks. The “Startup Law,” this is its name, will most likely come into force on January 1, 2023.

And it will be a great precedent. Starting from the very definition of "digital nomads". A digital nomad, from the draft law, is a person “whose job allows him to work remotely and regularly change residence”.

Work in Spain 6 months a year? I would give it a little thought in Barcelona

The significant points of the new law on digital nomads

Broadly speaking, the law will be open to those from the EU or third countries as long as they have not been resident in Spain for the previous five years. The main points at a glance:

It will be a tax rate reduced to 15% for digital nomads, as long as they respect the residence rules and do not stay in Spain for more than 183 days.

The new law also creates a new “digital nomad” visa which can extend the residence authorization for two years and then for another five years.

There is also good news for startups: for those who plan to base their startup in Spain there is the possibility of obtaining a rate of 15% for a maximum of 4 years, as long as they are companies with strong innovation objectives.

In conclusion

Life as a digital nomad can be a lot of fun and adventurous, fabulous for those who can take advantage of it, even if only for a few years. The legendary knows something about it Fabius Antichi (if you don't know him, follow him). Today he too could consider taking his camper to Spain for 6 months of the year.

And you?