Increase in bills: saving with photovoltaics is possible

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Increase in bills: saving with photovoltaics is possible

More and more people recently rely on photovoltaic systems to produce energy, with great savings on bills. There is a lot of talk about this topic, which is very topical in our country precisely because there are numerous convenient solutions. Let's think, for example, of the installation of solar panels on the balconies of houses. The development of photovoltaics in Italy is growing, also according to the latest data GSE statistical report.

A photovoltaic system also in the condominium

In our country at the end of 2021, over one million plants of this type were installed, reaching a total power of 22,6 GW, with production slightly exceeding 25 TWh. The more than 80.000 new impianti operational starting from 2021 which in most cases have a lower power of 20 kW, have increased the total capacity in Italy by about 940 MW.

Our compatriots rely more and more on a photovoltaic system, which is also one of the solutions chosen by many condominiums. Not only owners of villas or independent houses, therefore, but also those who live in an apartment or in an apartment building can rely on solar energy. One can turn, for example, to solutions for centralized use, but also to systems for private use.

When to use the energy produced with a solar system

It is advisable to review the personal and family habits inside the house. The photovoltaic allows in some cases, with a constant production, also to eliminate the costs of the energy bills. A goal that, in such a delicate period as the one we are experiencing, cannot be overlooked.

Naturally it is not easy to achieve a result of this type, but the use of a solar system combined with a storage system can guarantee excellent results. In order to achieve relevant advantages from an economic point of view, it would be important to consume energy in periods such as the morning or the initial phase of the afternoon, in which production is higher. Thus one can establish a ideal balance between self-production and self-consumption inside the home.

The more solar energy is used for consumption during the day, the less recourse to the electricity grid will be.

Furthermore, by producing and consuming the energy you need day after day, you can achieve a significant reduction in bill costs.

The storage systems and the connected water heater

Among the useful tips to underline on the subject of photovoltaic systems, the possibility of adopting storage systems should not be overlooked. Through special batteries, a part of the energy that is stored during the day can be used in the evening and at night.

The use of one heat pump water heater it allows you to always have hot water available, for example, at reduced costs. By connecting this system to a system with photovoltaic panels, savings of up to 75% can be obtained compared to an electric water heater.