Serpentin, prodigy bench made with a single plywood spiral

Photo by the author
by Gianluca Riccio


Serpentin, prodigy bench made with a single plywood spiral

You are probably not among those who go to check the design of the benches from time to time: I understand, you are not crazy or advertisers, and unfortunately I have both diseases. Let's put it this way: if curiosity arises from time to time, just in case, I'm here. Remember, for example, those all-Italian 3D printed benches with food packaging waste? Or those type "social sculpture" who taught harmony outdoors?

Ok. It was a test: if you are still here I can tell you about today's bench, it means that you really care. And you do well, because this designed by the Swedish designer Marc Hoogendijk it is among the objects that are not only well thought out and designed, but also advance the imagination.

Technomimetic bench
Park bench
… And retro

Technology, design and wood, goodbye

With this bench (for interiors, he says) called "Serpentin" who knows why, the designer wanted to create something that combined technology and design. And he did it with a methodology that he calls "technomimetics". I confess, it is among the things that caught my attention.

Tecnomimetics. Something that mimics the function of man-made objects, but using technology. Good. Perhaps this is why this bench apparently made up of a single continuous strip of wood is so familiar to me.

What does this bench remind you of?

Then you will tell me, perhaps on the social channels of Futuroprossimo (the one on Telegram has recently passed the 5000 subscribers!). What have I thought of? To a toilet paper tube. I swear. I put it on the playful side. If you want, even cylindrical containers for bottles. In other words, a "loose" coil in a strip. You can even see the last part hanging from one of the bench bars.

Nonostante il design apparentemente intricato, la panca sembra davvero comoda. Il modo in cui sono stati scolpiti il ​​legno e le fibre del legno gli conferisce una morbidezza che invita a sedersi e riposare per un po’, o a conversare amabilmente con gli ospiti.

Let's talk about technomimetics, gentlemen. At least tell me what it is.