RYZR, the “wearable” vehicle concept, which you drive with a special suit

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Wearing a "part of the vehicle" in the form of a suit, to fully integrate with the driving experience: this is the starting point of this concept.

R, a new brand from the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) Design company, has developed a rather futuristic and quite stimulating concept, because it provides some food for thought and cyberpunk suggestions.

The concept, called 'R RYZR', consists of a vehicle and a special suit, which acts as a "key". The RYZR Smart-JKT, a piece of clothing that does a lot Daisuke for those of my generation, it connects the user to their car when they simply sit in their driving seat.

Most of us still use car keys. Unlocking your car using your phone is pretty high-tech as it is, but how do you see a special suit?

Wear a part of the vehicle with a suit

The idea was born from changes in perception of public transport, especially in the last 12 months. Urban mobility and its networks represent a risk in light of the recent pandemic, and in fear of future pandemics: for this reason people would like to focus on personal transport systems as long as they are efficient, economical and sustainable from an environmental point of view.

This “suited” concept car aims to provide a (very) high-tech solution to the problem. Described as a fusion between a bike and a car, RYZR takes the best of each world: the agility of the motorcycle and the stability of the car.

And this also results in some pretty unique architecture. The vehicle has a sort of “spine” that runs down the center of its body, a bit like humans. Two seats are suspended on either side of this spine, offering an “unparalleled” view of the road.

Image via SAIC Design

In order not to compromise visibility in a rather low driving position, the rider in the suit will also see through the wheels. The front ones of the vehicle are open, to also give greater awareness of space when leaning into curves. “An exciting but safe urban experience,” promises the design studio that developed the concept.

Apart from this, there is also central steering control. Mounted in the centre, this will allow both passengers (as long as they are in overalls, I imagine) to share the driving experience. Thanks to drive-by-wire technology, this controller is designed to work regardless of its position.

This EV was born from the need for extreme ease of use. It shows a visceral vision of the future of urban travel. The introduction of this suit showcases the combination of cutting-edge technical clothing aesthetics and augmented reality. It is an exploration of unconventional modes of transportation for the future.

Carl Gotham, Advanced Design Director SAIC Design

As if to say: the future, even for personal transport, is all to wear.

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