Faraday Future places the videoconferencing screen in his FF91

Gianluca Riccio


faraday future

Faraday Future puts its head out of the bag, this time really about to start production. With a big, big news.

Faraday Future has unveiled a new feature in its FF91 electric vehicle: a 27-inch rear seat screen with video conferencing function.

Even though it was a project that immediately fascinated me, I never wrote much about Faraday Future. Its "hybrid" nature, halfway between a frontier idea and a product ready to end up in dealerships, has always kept me in suspense. But now things are finally starting to move faster, and FF's electric car is about to make its entrance.

Faraday Future
Faraday Future's FF91

Company is expected to strike a deal with Property Solutions Acquisition Corp to get the financing needed to bring its FF91 electric car into production. The FF91 is an ultra luxury vehicle. It is a sort of hyper-compact limousine, in the dimensions of a large sedan. Much of the user experience of this Faraday Future car is built around the back seat, and now the company has revealed that it will be equipped with a huge screen, and mobile video conferencing functions.

From the press release

California-based global shared smart mobility ecosystem company Faraday Future announced today that its FF91 luxury electric will now have additional passenger-focused features. Rear seat passengers in the FF 91 will activate the exclusive 27-inch Rear Passenger Display (RSD) with a voice command, and will also have the ability to conduct video conferences inside the vehicle during the journey. “

Here is a short video showing the new feature:

Faraday Future, luxury and technology

HongRao, IAI Vice President of Faraday Future, commented on the new feature: “In FF91, Faraday Future will provide the latest and most advanced user-focused features. These updates to voice control and video conferencing are a crucial part of our living space experience in the age of the web. With these features, we believe our users will truly benefit from the advanced technology we are incorporating into ours electric vehicles".

In terms of performance, the FF91 features a large 130 kWh battery pack, a 1.050 horsepower transmission and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in less than 2,4 seconds.

Faraday Future is expected to close its financing deal by June, and aims to bring the FF91 into production within 12 months. Will 2022 be the good year? Coming soon to these screens. In the back seat, I mean.