In-flight meals now available for home delivery

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In-flight meals with home delivery: another attempt by airlines to make up for the air travel crisis

Le metamorfosi necessarie a causa della pandemia stanno sfidando uno dei settori più duramente colpito, quello dei viaggi aerei. L’ultima riguarda il catering.

I told you how the phenomenon of gods emerges in the world virtual travel per sopperire all’assenza dei voli. Un sorprendente adattamento ad una situazione che it could last for years. Today, to dispose of stocks and recover some of the lost earnings, airlines are putting their hand to catering, offering home delivery for their famous in-flight meals.

When dinner flies home

Thai Airways, Air Asia, Garuda, and Cathay Pacific are some of the airlines that have pivoted on domestic retail during the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers who have never tasted them (perhaps because they have no experience in air travel) can now purchase a range of in-flight meals with home delivery for a price between approximately € 3,37 and € 7,80. Dishes include quiches, shrimp, lamb chops, beef, rice and other delicacies.

In-flight meals with home delivery

In-flight meals at home, that is: those who transform survive

Coconut milk, AirAsia's catering partner, with extraordinary foresight, opened two restaurants in Kuala Lumpur as early as December 2019. With this initiative, it has enabled city customers to find their favorite in-flight meals even when they are not on the plane.

Check-in nostalgic Australians can choose from the extensive menus at Snapfresh and Gate Gourmet instead. Gate Gourmet sells bulk packs of microwave-ready frozen in-flight meals and customers pick up their order in Brisbane or Sydney.

Come detto, il turismo è stato devastato dai cambiamenti globali di quest’anno. Tra restrizioni di viaggio e quarantene nazionali, le molte limitazioni spingono tutti a inventare o reinventare in un gigantesco sforzo economico e creativo.

Nella tragedia, la possibilità che l’ingegno produca, come accaduto in passato, dei cambiamenti positivi in futuro, anche ad emergenza finita.

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