Cafe X, the robot also undermines the bartender

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There is no peace for anyone with the advent of robots. Now it's also up to the bartenders: Cafe X can manage 10 orders in parallel and make coffee and hot drinks.

Serve coffee with speed and convenience? Done this too. How much sugar?

Come on robots who deliver pizzas to those who throw hamburgers, passing through the droids who deliver meals to the diners' tables. Robots are making several changes in the restaurant industry, and the world of coffee shops may also be affected: here is Cafe X.

If you happen to be at San Francisco International Airport for work or leisure, you can sip a cup of excellent (?) coffee prepared by a robot.

Cafe X recently opened a new robot barista cafe at this transportation hub. The machine uses its robotic arm to prepare and serve coffee, tea and a variety of other drinks and can handle up to ten orders at a time. The goal is to provide customers with a quick and efficient service.

I had the idea for a robot that made coffee after waiting more than 30 minutes at an airport a few years ago

Henry Hu, founder and CEO of Cafe X.

Select your variety

Getting your hot drink couldn't be easier. Simply use the keyboards to choose and pay for your drink, and in seconds you will be served your freshly brewed drink.

Drinks on offer include cappuccino, hot chocolate, iced caramel macchiato and iced matcha milk.

Cafe X already has three other robotic bar locations in San Francisco and plans to open more at different airports and cities in the U.S. and Europe in the near future.

To see a Cafe X robotic bartender in action, watch the short video below.

Eye, this is not a vending machine. The robot makes drinks exactly like a bartender would, with bar machines. Otherwise it was easy.

For more on Cafe X's robot innovations, check it out here .

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