Mirror fitness, the interactive mirror is now a personal coach

A mirror in which you do not appear alone, but in the company of a personal coach who follows you in real time. This is the fitness of the future for Mirror

Last year the Mirror, company active in the field of technological fitness, launched its LCD mirror capable of projecting fitness classes at home.

Watching the movements of the characters on the mirror (and repeating them) users were able to follow gymnastics lessons as if they had been in the gym.

A home gym with an apparently high price (around 1400 euros) but convenient, since the whole family could train with this digital mirror.

Fitness with Mirror

Today Mirror (also chased by similar services like Pivot, based on AI) further improves the service: in addition to the preset gymnastics lessons, "through the mirror" users can interact with a personal trainer.

Real individual training sessions, in real time, with a professional who appears in the mirror guiding exercises and movements, and above all verifying that they are done in the right way. Is this the gym of the future?

Mirror will train users with special programs based on different disciplines (yoga, kettlebell, kickboxing), motivating them and following them with an exercise card and in a predetermined length. Each training session will cost around 35 euros (a much lower price than the personal training sessions in the flesh). To access these programs (and your own recorded private sessions to be recovered whenever you want), a monthly subscription of the same amount must be added.

(I do two math: training three times a week with a personal trainer will cost about € 105, for four weeks they make € 420 plus € 35 for a subscription. € 455 are still tantini, but 13 sessions per month with a personal trainer would cost from 650 to 1300 euros. Fate vobis)

“We are democratizing the premium experience of training with a personal coach. We will give everyone access to the best coaches in the world. It doesn't matter how busy people are or how little time they have to go to the gym, " says the founder and CEO of Mirror Brynn Putnam.

I really like the idea: training without time restrictions is a good thing, but I would suggest that those of Mirror remove at least the limitations of OS to their digital mirror, since their system works only with Apple and not with Android.

And what am I an Android player? I fall into depression, eat and fatten. You will have me on consciousness.