Encompass, the toothbrush of the future with a "banana" shape

Instead of cleaning 1-2 teeth at a time, encompass uses a shape that surrounds the teeth on each side, getting to clean 16 of them at a time. Truly remarkable.

A toothbrush designed by a dentist cleans the teeth in just 20 seconds thanks to a special curved shape. Born to compensate for the mistakes people tend to make when brushing their teeth, the Encompass electric toothbrush succeeds in cleaning in a radically different way.

Instead of cleaning 1-2 teeth at a time, encompass uses a shape that surrounds the teeth on each side, cleaning 16 at a time. The toothbrush of the future has small flexible extensions that adapt to different mouths.

The bristles Device they vibrate exactly at 100 strokes per second and are positioned to ensure the correct pressure and intensity. A small, silent pneaumatic pump allows the system to take 10 seconds per side.

Parkinson toothbrush

Given the less energy needed to physically brush the teeth, Encompass is also very suitable for people with limited mobility, such as Parkinson's patients, and minimizes the possibility that children do not brush their teeth properly.

"Our mission is to eliminate the number one enemy of oral hygiene: misuse," says Ryan Schwartz, founder and CEO of Ryca, the company that created Encompass. 'Several studies show that only 10% of people brush their teeth well. Most don't take at least two minutes, don't take the right intensity and so on. With Encompass, 10 out of 10 people can be sure they are brushing their teeth correctly ”.

I add from the data also released by the WHO: people brush their teeth on average from 45 to 70 seconds. More than a third of millennials only brush their teeth once a day.

It is no small matter: poor oral hygiene can damage various organs and contribute to the most varied health problems, including heart and diabetes problems.

Encompass is equipped with its charging station and a transport container.

The ineffable banana toothbrush of the future is raising funds on the platform of crowdfunding Indiegogo, and deliveries will start in May 2020 at a price of around 100 euros.

Are you ready for the toothbrush of the future?