From Canada, steps forward on the invisibility cloak

Inexpensive, subtle, it works without energy sources, it makes you disappear. No, it's not a switchblade knife, it's Quantum Stealth, a new invisible cloak.

Canadian society Hyperstealth has developed a truly futuristic concealment technology called Quantum Stealth.

It is an economical and thin material like paper, which does not require an energy source and therefore has no impact on the environment. While it doesn't work as well as one of the invisible “cloaks” being studied in several research centers around the globe, Quantum Stealth still does a decent job. Better, it achieves its purpose of confusing the observer.

Quantum Stealth

Quantum Stealth uses an approach that you will surely already be familiar with: that of lenticular lenses. These are those lenses (often used for the most short-sighted) that reduce the thickness at the edges to focus on the center.

A perhaps more fitting example is that of the images which, seen from a narrow perspective, seem disordered, but looking at them from the front they take on a meaning and a feeling of depth.

I first show it to you in action: here it is in this video.

Seen (well, "seen" so to speak)? What do you think?

This technology is just the spearhead of a series of technologies that make Canadian society at the forefront.

Holographic displays, special camouflage patterns and other elements are a complete set of solutions that favor security and defense.

Too bad that rifles, troops in battle order and in general the war they only disappear from sight and not seriously.