GoCycle, the ebike you carry like an umbrella

GXi will transform an age-old means of transport like a bicycle into more than an ebike: a daily and supportive tool, just like an umbrella.

Gocycle GXi is the latest development born from the operating philosophy of Gocycle, the one that aims to set new standards in the electronic bicycle market.

The ebike is rapidly establishing itself as a privileged way to cross the city.

The latest ebike in the range provides an exact combination of technology, design and functionality. Leaving aside the aesthetic aspect, the quick closure and the design are completely focused on urban travel.

The latest model of GoCycle's ebike in one of the two-tone variants proposed to buyers. The total absence of wires and visible devices stands out.

Many tricks

The solutions include an automotive-inspired position light (DRL), an all-LED “dashboard” and a sort of predictive electronic gearbox.

And then the workhorse: GXi has a light and flexible frame that while incorporating a 375 Wh battery of fold in just ten seconds. The mechanical and electronic components are all integrated within the frame, giving the whole an extremely clean and tidy appearance.

The small size and ease of use allow you to transport the GXi anywhere.

Richard Thorpe, designer of gocycle, comments: "Everyone is stimulated by the pursuit of perfection, but here we are not looking for compromises." The continuous improvement of our products, " Thorpe continues, ”Keeps in mind the goal of creating means of absolute efficiency. GXi is an extraordinary platform, which will transform a centuries-old means of transport such as the bicycle into an agile tool for the passenger. To be more precise, a daily and support tool: like an umbrella ”.

With GXi the e-bike becomes a commodity, almost like carrying an umbrella with you

Never was an image clearer. Quickly move around the city with a bike, then fold it instantly and take it with you to your office or small apartment too.

Things that will make a difference in one increasingly dynamic city and (hopefully) less "fossil".