Disney CEO: "If Steve Jobs hadn't died we would have merged with Apple"

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed yesterday in an interview that Apple and Disney could have become one company if Steve Jobs, the inventor of iPhones, iPads and a thousand other things, hadn't fallen ill, only to die in 2011.

I think if Steve was still alive we would have merged our businesses. Yes, yes we would have discussed this possibility very seriously

Bob Iger, Disney Chief Executive Officer

Iger has gone a long way on this circumstance and on the relationship with the CEO Apple in a small presentation he made for Vanity Fair in his new book, to be released on September 23, which is called The Ride of A Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company.

Iger was for a long time a great friend of the boss, co-founder of Apple and CEO Jobs, and wrote about a rather intense period, in which the two absolute giants of entertainment and computer science came to touch each other, indeed they really did ' kiss each other, even if for a moment.

2006, the year of contact

It was 2006, and Disney bought Pixar. A company that would make the fortunes of the Mickey Mouse house in the years to come, and that could only be directed and managed by a great inventor and visionary: Mr. Steve Jobs Apple CEO. A year of great vigils and hopes. From the following year, in 2007, Disney would start churning out one success after another (from Ratatouille to UP) sanctioning the definitive relaunch. For Apple, well… for Apple, 2007 would have been a year to be summed up in one word: iPhone.

Maybe because he had a nose for the future, but it is precisely in that year of great eve that Apple CEO Jobs constantly told Iger that the merger of the two companies would be the best thing.

“[Steve] was certain that Pixar would grow a lot more with Disney than being autonomous, and also that Disney would flourish by acquiring Pixar. And he thought the same of Disney and Apple, " writes Ger.

The history of iTV

Iger worked with Jobs on this idea and others, also already advanced for the time: Disney was the first company to provide content for the newborn iPod Video. On that occasion, Iger told Jobs about his idea of ​​creating an iTunes platform for TV. It would be called iTv. He would have anticipated Netflix by at least two years, and the Apple and Disney projects (AppleTV and Disney + will only be born now) would have been merged and anticipated by 13 years.

From that almost magical moment to Jobs's illness, the step is short. We all know what Steve Jobs was sick of, what Steve Jobs died of, Steve Jobs's illness has become a collective drama in the tech world. And we also know what happened next. The triumph of the iPhone on the one hand and the Disney / Pixar productions on the other cooled the projects, but it was with the death of Steve Jobs in 2011 that the merger plans were completely abandoned.

With Steve Jobs dead everything has changed

We will never know what a giant who brings together Disney and Apple would have made: and Steve Jobs's death leaves a bad taste in the mouth for a time when both leaders were right in the same boat. Both. Steve Jobs and Bob Iger. How would this union transform, for example, the interaction between users in theme parks? Would the strong drive for imagination and the realms of fantasy born from the mind of another Jobs, the old Walt who died when Steve was 9 years old, also affect the new Apple devices?

Several things would have changed. Steve Jobs's biography is not very comprehensive in this regard, but Iger's is clear. Such a merger would have totally changed the market, and the development of new groups in the fields of technology, entertainment, information technology and animation.

And Mickey would have looked like a real bad guy, with that bitten ear.