Reon Pocket, Sony's mini body conditioner

Smaller than a smartphone, the Reon Pocket mini air conditioner fits into the pocket of a special tank top: the first days of sales? A triumph

With summer temperatures growing vertically (with new historical records in Germany and especially in France with 46 ° C) a mini air conditioner would be a godsend.

In the meantime we seek shelter as we can, in the hot cities where our body and mind degrade faster than elsewhere. Blow wind with your hands, try improvised remedies, read the progress on clothes that regulate the temperature it makes very little difference (but in the latter case at least it's interesting).

Sony seems to be on the piece, however, with his device called Reon Pocket. It is a real individual air conditioning system that is placed behind the back to keep us cool in summer and warm in winter.

How does it work?

Smaller than a smartphone, the mini air conditioner that creates the mini air conditioning takes place in the discreet pocket of a special tank top. Reon Pocket refreshes the wearer by using one Peltier cell, a thermoelectric element usually used in cars or wine baskets. Its battery lasts 90 minutes and takes two hours to reach 100% charge.

Needless to say, Reon Pocket is not only mini air conditioner, it is not only portable, but has its beautiful Android or iOS app that serves to regulate the temperature without giving the impression of having fleas.

Even if your face will not be protected from heat in direct sunlight, keeping the rest of your body cool can really make a difference. Ditto when it freezes outside and you need to keep your body warm.

First Flight

The Reon Pocket mini air conditioner is the most recent First Flight product, a crowdfunding platform launched by Sony in 2015. First Flight is essentially an internal tool that allows Sony employees to suggest projects and products to be tested and possibly brought into production.

The result in this case seems excellent. Consider that in a few days of distribution the small Reon Pocket air conditioner has collected almost 2000 orders for as many portable air conditioners, collecting more than 275.000 euros. Small prices, big collections.

Sony aims to launch the Reon Pocket mini air conditioner on the world market by taking advantage of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Maybe it will show us its use on athletes and race directors.

The price in Europe of Reon Pocket (currently on sale in Japan only) is expected to be around € 140.

The paradox is that if you start to sweat only at the news of the price maybe you already need it.